About Us

Established in 1985, LaserLines first started business supporting the heating and ventilating industry with technical illustrations, brochures and catalogues. Our scope of expertise has now extended to the electronics, medical and service industries.

As technology has moved on, it has enabled us to develop other skill sets including web design and 3D modelling / 3D animation. We now produce a wide range of projects for clients which are highlighted in the ‘Our Work’ section.

We are known above all for supplying high quality, well thought out projects. With our focus on keeping overheads as low as possible, we can offer these skills at a very competitive rate.

LaserLines Studio

Ian Kennedy Rodney Payne – looks after the design and print side of the business, and has had many years in the industry. His specialities are technical publications and illustration. The team that supports him includes graphic designers, copywriters, photographers and printers.
Ian Kennedy Ian Kennedy – heads the digital media side and has over 14 years experience in this sector. His skills are 3D illustration, animation and photoshop work. Ian is supported by a team of software programmers and web designers.