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Insights – Website Design & Development

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We’ve put together a series of dedicated Insights into our work at LaserLines Creative.
This issue gives details of the processes behind the Website Design & Development.

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What’s it all about?

A business’s website is its ‘shop window’ to the world which must make the right first impression. It should reassure the viewer that you are a business that is professional, organised, approachable and reliable.

Web design, flash animations, SQL databases, PHP, JQuerey, ecommerce, SEO, online shops, iPhone iPad and Android optimised websites – we cover it all.

How to do it

Get straight to the point and use the home page to promote new services, products, news and special offers. This is valuable retail space and should not be used for general chit-chat and lengthy introductions. Display your offering in a pleasing layout that makes it easy to select, compare and purchase. Show accessories and recommend other options or complementary items. The art is to keep visitors on your site and to pick up extra sales. Just like in a real shop, there is an art to gently enticing a customer to browse and buy.

The attraction of promoting services and selling online is clear. It provides an advertising poster and shop window that is open 24/7, introducing your business to a global audience, and with low overheads. It should be convenient for new and existing customers to browse services and purchase your products. Remember that you must make it easy for them to contact you if they can’t find what they are looking for.

High street shops spend a great deal of time visually merchandising their products, ensuring that they are presented in the best way. The same is true online – great product photography can make or break a sale.

Make sure product photography is lit well, clear and large enough to see the detail. If possible, enlarge small sections to highlight the main selling points and show different angles. Ideally show the product in context, for example, furniture should be shot in a household setting and clothes worn on a person. This will help the viewer with sizes, proportions and colours, making it easier to buy.

Sales Information

Clearly list the benefits and features of the product or service. Describe the functionality and uses. There are many questions that will need to be answered to determine a sale. What are the unique selling points? How will the product or service benefit me? Is it easy to install and set up? How long will it last? What does it cost? Have you got many satisfied customers? Try and include as many of these answers as possible in your text.

The more positive points you can get across the more likely it will be selected.


These are a very useful way of demonstrating a track record of pleasing customers. Prudent visitors will want to know that you’re trustworthy – particularly when they are wary of buying online. It will also help confirm that your product or service has value, and is worth purchasing.



With an online shop, your primary goal is getting people to buy your products. Make it as quick and easy as possible for them to find what they are looking for and to make the purchase.

There are many features that can help or frustrate a prospective customer. Give them navigation options and a good product search feature. This should include, as well as obligatory information, selectable categories with filter search boxes and price bandings.

Don’t make the checkout process long or complicated because many people will give up before they buy. Offer multiple payment options, such as Paypal, Credit Card and Google Checkout, as these are more likely to be familiar to them and, crucially, they will trust them. Show shipping rates early in the checkout process as customers will want to see the total amount to pay up front. As part of these pages, you should clearly state where you do and don’t ship to.

Get the formula right and it will open up your business to a global audience and market.

It may seem like a minefield, with so many things to think about and ensure they hit the mark, but we are here to help you make sense of the digital world.

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