Edincare Adoptable Pumping Station 3D Illustration

Edincare Pumps specialise in the manufacture, project design, sale, commission, service and repair of pumped drainage solutions. They needed a way in which to clearly illustrate their newly introduced Adoptable Pumping Station system. They had blueprint technical drawings of the Station, but wanted to show it in-situ, as well as allowing a window into the different chambers showing exactly what was going on. The illustration needed to be used across digital and printed platforms.

Using the blueprint technical drawings as reference, we created a 3D illustration of the Pumping Station. The illustration is completely to scale, and you can physically move around it 360°. This gives Edincare the prospect of zooming into specific areas, or viewing the Station from a different angle if required. Should they want to in the future, we can also easily animate the illustration and create a “tour” video of the Station. We added a photorealistic background, allowing it to sit in-situ within a residential area.

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