Philip Morris.

Historically being one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, Philip Morris is now pursuing a smoke-free future with their IQOS vaping system. Their aim is to develop and commercialise smoke-free products to accelerate the decline of the cigarette.


What We’ve Done.

We have been working with Philip Morris for a number of years now and continue to provide support across a wide range projects. Whether it’s supplying branded items, office signage, video and animation works or printed items, we offer complete support. The term “Creative Problem Solvers” truly encapsulates this client and the variety of work we do for them.

When any new employee joins the company, we create a welcome pack specially for them which includes branded jackets, uniforms, sweets, pens, phone covers, laptop cases and mugs to name a few.

Aside from branded items, we were also tasked with an office interior design project. The company started a graduate scheme in a WeWork serviced office space, but their designated area was completely bare. We were asked to design the room from scratch with Phillip Morris informing us that we essentially had a completely blank canvas to work with. We designed, produced and installed full wall graphics and supporting items; the highlight being a full height 10m wide “whiteboard wall”.

As a result, the room was completely transformed, even having a dividing wall removed to offer a completely open plan set-up with various ‘zones’ created. This encapsulates the work we do at LaserLines perfectly…creative problem solving, no matter how varied the request.