Mi Casa, Su Casa

(my house is your house)

Based in the centre of the busy and historic market town of Wokingham, Berkshire, the doors to our Grade II listed building are always open. You’ll always be greeted with a warm smile, a fresh cup of coffee, and creative ideas that will get you excited.

If you wanted to come in and discuss how we can keep your business pushing forward, we’re only a 15-minute drive from Reading and a mere 40-minute train journey from London.

The Team

Our team is small, mighty and razor sharp. We’re a highly skilled bunch, each with our own set of specific skills and experiences. Individually we’re strong and extremely competent, but as a team, we’re pretty unstoppable, and that’s exactly how we prefer to be.

Rodney Payne

Creative Director

Elliot Hewett

Account Manager

Sean Tucker

3D & Motion Designer

Jake Lovelock

Digital Wizard

Peter Cabrelli


Marie O'Brien


Beverly Payne


Mr Lightyear


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