PSH Consulting Ltd

An innovative Mechanical & Electrical design consultancy, established for over 17 years. Providing full MEP Building Services across all sectors of the property and construction industries.


After going through a re-brand a couple of years ago, PSH Consulting were happy with their overall brand image, but felt they were lacking consistency and loosing ground to their competition when it came to both their offline and online marketing materials.


Web Design


Print Design

The first job was to tie down and organise the brand guidelines. We took PSH’s current fonts, colours and imagery and re-worked it, giving clear hierarchy to font sizes, styles and colours. This made things easier for PSH going forward, as they would be able to keep their brand consistent when working on documents internally.

First order of the day

With a new opportunity to tender on the horizon, a detailed proposal seemed the perfect place to set the base for the newly ‘tied down’ brand guidelines.

We created a new design for the tender proposal that took inspiration from the previous look and feel, but making sure it was easy to replicate going forward. Font title styles and sizes were set-out, along with body copy, imagery, colours and title pages.

The proposal was well received and, more importantly, the style, layout and font choices could now be used on internally created documents and presentations.

Time to go online

PSH Consulting had a website that on paper ticked all the boxes; it was modern looking, mobile responsive and showcased their work. However it didn’t have that ‘wow factor’ and they felt it was lacking when compared to their competitors. On top of this the previous site was difficult to update, meaning the content on the site was stale, projects were outdated and there was no option to add company and industry news.

The solution to the problem

The biggest change we made to the PSH site was the platform it was built on. It’s a perfectly acceptable request for PSH to update the content on the website quickly and easily themselves, along with updating projects and adding news. In order to allow this control, we built the new site on the WordPress platform; an open source, Content Management System. Users can then easily update specific areas of the website themselves once they’ve been designed and built by us.

With PSH covering many sectors, our first port-of-call was to define each of them with simple icon graphics and a colour palette that complimented the branding. These icon graphics and colours were used on each of the sector pages to help differentiate between them, whilst giving each sector it’s own identity that can be used both on and offline going forward.

New Services Icons

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Streamlining the experience

To streamline the site and create a slicker user experience we removed the need for a stand alone ‘Our Projects’ page. Instead we introduced a custom built ‘Intelligent Menu’ that auto filters the projects depending on which sector you hover/click on.

We felt that by having a projects overview page where you have to click on a sector, then click on a project within that sector to view it, added multiple stages to the site that weren’t needed. Instead a user hovers over the sector they’re interested in and can go straight through to that project. All related projects within the sector run along the bottom of the page, so there’s no need to go to the top menu to go back and view another project.

Frustrated with the lack of ability to update our website and our inconsistent internal marketing documentation, the team at LaserLines Creative listened and quickly understood our problems. They implemented creative solutions that challenged us and, where relevant, steered us onto a path we’ve been very happy with.

Our internal documents are now polished and remain consistent, and our website is now the easily updatable showcase marketing tool we needed. We look forward to working with the LaserLines team again soon.

Andrew HaskinsDirector, PSH. Consulting Ltd

Moving Forward

With a content marketing plan in place covering LinkedIn and industry relevant websites showcasing their projects and industry news, PSH now have a site that stands up to the competition, allows them to market each sector individually and means they can update their site quickly and easily going forward.

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