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Books, Books, Books – Our Top 10 Design Resources

Are you looking for inspiration or experiencing a creative block? Let us help you!

In this post we share our top 10 books that every Graphic Designer should have on their bookshelf.

If you are looking for inspiration or experiencing a creative block, the internet is a great resource for gaining a little insight into design history and technique. However, this is just the start. For a comprehensive understanding of graphic design we recommend delving into the world of books, whether you are looking to gain a better grasp of logo design, layout and typography, or are simply looking to gain inspiration for your next project. Books will give you the tools and inspiration to move forward with your designs, think outside the box and produce innovative work that makes an impact. Here are our top 10 ‘must reads’ to add to your bookshelf. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Graphic Design – The Ultimate Guide


1. Know Your Onions/ Graphic Design – Drew de Soto

If you are looking to gain a solid foundation for outstanding graphic design, we highly recommend this book. The author shares 25 years’ worth of experience to give you a broad insight into the world of graphic design, from layout, typography and spacing to print techniques and knowledge of materials.

Get yours here.

2. How to use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, make people cry, and (every once in a while) change the world – Thames & Hudson.

This book features a series of ‘how to’ guides, from chapters such as ‘how to design two dozen logos at once’, to ‘how to avoid the obvious’; lessons that even the most experienced graphic designers would appreciate. It is certainly one to add to your collection.

Get yours here.

Logo Design

3. Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes – Michael Evamy

This work contains a vast collection of over 1,300 symbols and logotypes. If you find yourself staring at a blank piece of paper wondering where to start, this book will certainly get your creative juices flowing. It includes works by masters such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass as well as creations by contemporary designers.

Get yours here.

4. Symbol: The Reference Guide to Abstract and Figurative Trademarks – Angus Hyland/Steven Bateman

We recommend this book due to the significant role that symbols play in branding and identity design. It includes 1,300 symbols from the corners of the globe, as well as case studies of classic symbols that many will recognise. If you want to gain an in-depth understanding of identity systems and how they are developed, this book is for you.

Get yours here.

5. Logo Design Love – David Airey

This book serves as a guide for creating unforgettable brand identities from start to finish. Through a highly curated selection of case studies the author explains how designers write efficient briefs, generate ideas, charge for their designs and engage with clients. He also shares his personal experiences in the design world as well as sketches of his own successful logo designs.

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6. Why Fonts Matter – Sarah Hyndman

Ask any graphic designer and they will tell you that fonts matter – a lot. In this considered guide, Sarah Hyndman explains why certain typefaces can feel playful, make products look expensive, or have the capacity to evoke a particular emotion. Our favourite fonts can even reveal a lot about ourselves. After reading this book you will recognise the associations we subconsciously make when looking at fonts; master this and you won’t look back.

Get yours here.

7. Detail in Typography – Jost Hochuli

This book is fantastic for graphic designers who are self-taught due to its ability to portray what can easily be viewed as a daunting subject in an attractive and comprehensible manner. With its highly readable text and simple diagrams it serves as an incredible entry into the field of typography.

Get yours here.

8. Thinking with Type: a Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors & Students – Ellen Lupton

This resource presents the fundamentals of type in a clear and interesting way. An extensive design tool for both students and seasoned designers alike, it is an all-encompassing guide for arranging written content and being innovative within the systems of typographic design.

Get yours here.

Web Design

9. Know Your Onions/Web Design – by Drew de Soto

Drew de Soto is a firm favourite of ours due to his ability to write easily digestible books that are bursting with useful insights and knowledge. This design focussed book features chapters on the principles of web layout, colour, navigation, and building, as well as knowledge of conventions, content and the design process. We can’t recommend him enough.

Get yours here.

Colour Theory

10. Interaction of Color – Josef Albers

This resource includes a number of fun exercises to get the reader thinking about the context of colour and interactions between them – perfect for an introduction into the exciting world of colour.

Get yours here.

There you have it; our top 10 design resources to add to your arsenal. When you are looking for inspiration for your next project or are experiencing a creative block, don’t simply rely on the internet, try reaching for a book instead. Happy reading!