A British singer, songwriter and producer with a unique image and show stopping personality.

A boutique facilities management provider in London and the South East.

An experience-led Indian kitchen, located in central Wokingham.

One of the UK’s leading dairy suppliers, delivering a range of dairy and non-dairy products nationwide.

e-Commerce site offering gap year travel support and solutions.

A global provider of subsea solutions that power and connect the world.

An authentic, Spanish Pinchos bar, serving delicious, small bites and drinks encouraging conversation.

International company with a passion for change – a smoke free future.

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Bespoke Signage
Digital Signage
Exhibition Signage
Custom Neon Signage
Illuminated Signage
Internal & External Signage

If there’s no sign of your sign, what’s that a sign of? A missed opportunity. You need to be seen to be heard and that’s exactly what an eye-catching and well-designed piece of signage will achieve.

At LASERLINES, we show no sign of slowing down when it comes to our ever-evolving range of signage solutions.

Way Finding

We like to create experience led workplaces with our clients, and we believe that the correct wayfinding is a crucial first step in that journey. It can easily direct important guests and prospects to the correct place with no stress, adds a professional finish to the space and eradicates the need of some potentially embarrassing questions…

By creating detailed user flows/profiles and site maps that clearly identify the best routes from A to B, with the best experience is key. We help you deliver the very best for your employees and visitors.

Internal Signage

From living walls to interactive screens and beyond, we have a vast experience in delivering internal signage for a variety of our clients. Signage, when designed beautifully, produced well and installed to a high standard, can deliver a number of benefits; a professional workplace, a welcoming environment, wayfinding, instructions, safety and stunning interiors.

Working closely with our clients, carrying out survey’s and site visits, we ensure a smooth delivery of all signage, no matter what scale.

External Signage

We can bring your vision to life to enhance your image to the outside world, in a show stopping manner. Not only can external signage work as a great branding piece, to ensure brand recognition and consistency across all platforms, it can also work hard as wayfinding – some entrances are not the easiest to find in the big cities, or towns alike.

Ranging from full vinyl wraps, hoarding, a boards, swing signs, large billboards, graphics – anything your mind can imagine, we will endeavour to deliver your vision.

Digital Signage

Digital signs are used to display entertainment, information and advertisements in a wide range of industries. They can often be seen on screens in public spaces, public transport, hospitality venues, sport & entertainment venues, shopping centres, corporate buildings and many more locations. Combining graphics, text and other visual elements is a powerful way to reach people in a very compelling manner.


One of the primary uses of signage is for advertising purposes. Businesses of varying sizes take advantage of this tried and tested marketing method, which continues to evolve as the decades roll by. Long gone are the times where advertising purely consisted of traditional adverts in newspapers, and large billboards. Now, fully animated digital billboards and car or van wraps are both go-to methods of advertising in the modern age.

Exhibition Signage

When you’re manning the stand at a corporate event, you need to be equipped with spectacular, striking and unforgettable stands and signage. Otherwise, you’ll be watching potential clients and customers sail right past you into the arms of competitors.


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Custom Neon Signage

Neon signs are one of the most popular signage options right now. Unlike other sources of illumination, neon uniquely glows rather than lights up. As a result, the effect is a very pleasant one for the eyes of onlookers. Neon signage exists simply to be noticed.

Illuminated Signage

There are other forms of illuminated signage included LED signs. They can be up to ten times more energy efficient than the neon equivalent, and can be bent more tightly, leading to more options regarding shapes and styles.

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