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Sweet Designs… Delicious!

Seasonal Easter eggs have not always been what we see on our shop shelves today.

In this post we take a look at the history of Easter egg design; from hand painted designs, to gold leaf and edible glitter!

Easter eggs were once a rare luxury, with the very first produced in the UK by Cadbury’s and Fry’s in the 1870s. The eggs were advertised as a luxury gift or treat for the consumer as each egg had to be hand-painted into moulds by chocolatiers, leading to a very slow and small production. Although the majority of these first eggs were lacking any exterior design, some did display some tasteful, hand-made chocolate flowers and linear etchings (see image, ‘Turn of the century Cadbury’s Easter Egg advertisement’).

Decorative Easter Egg

It was not until an entire century later that what we are now more used to seeing were produced – hollow chocolate eggs, with a mixture of designs. Our ever-popular chocolatiers knew they needed to increase production and therefore change tact. Chocolate eggs were finally available for the mass markets! High production numbers meant costs could be cut and therefore the final sale price was reduced.

Instead of chocolatiers targeting the adult, luxury market, the majority turned their attentions to children, and to those who would buy the chocolate for them. Packaging was much brighter and demanded attention, and the egg itself seemed to take a back seat. Size was all that mattered – bigger was better! Cadbury’s famously adopted a ‘crocodile finish’ to most eggs, which helped to disguise any imperfections caused in the factory-produced, cheaper chocolate.

Now, we jump ahead to the last 5-10 years… a very exciting, new chapter in the life of Easter Eggs. Size still matters, but more so than ever so does design (on the egg, in the egg and the all-important packaging)!

Today, you can buy just about any ‘Easter Egg’ you could ever desire;

  • Chocolate eggs
  • Avocado eggs
  • Vegan eggs
  • Gluten free eggs
  • Cheese eggs
  • Ostrich sized eggs
  • Golden eggs

The choice is truly yours!

However, we have done a bit of the leg work for you. Here are a few of our favourites which might temp you…

Chococo Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Studded Easter Egg

Chococo Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Studded Easter Egg
A white and milk chocolate mottled egg, and hidden inside, the eggs walls are studded with dark and white chocolate mini dinosaurs and ammonites – fossils!

We think the packaging is also pretty awesome!

Fortnum & Mason Hand-Painted Chick Easter Egg

Fortnum & Mason Hand-Painted Chick Easter Egg
A stunning milk chocolate hand-painted Chick Egg, presented in a fronted perspex display box.

We think this one would probably be quite hard to break, the design is so intricate!

Love Cocoa Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Egg

Love Cocoa Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Egg
A vegan-friendly dark chocolate egg, handmade in the UK.

We would definitely find another use for this lovely presentation box… perhaps a pen pot!

Hotel Chocolate Ostrich Egg

Hotel Chocolate Ostrich Egg
A giant sized Ostrich milk chocolate egg! It also comes with a tray of chocolates… over 1kg of chocolate in total – wow!

Cocoa et Co. Belgian Chocolate Beehive Egg

Cocoa et Co. Belgian Chocolate Beehive Egg
An indulgent supermarket option (Sainsbury’s). The milk and white chocolate egg has been moulded into a beehive, with dark chocolate bees and has then been covered in an edible golden shimmer.

Now we have got you excited for Easter, and copious amounts of chocolate, lets talk about design that can work for you. For over 30 years we have been delivering creative solutions to our clients. We have created and have worked with a cross-sector of successful brands.

You may not need us to create a new logo, or brand for you, but we can work with you to help push your brand further. Small changes, well thought out designs and detailed brand guidelines can sometimes be all a brand needs to create stand out and present a cohesive, professional image.

We truly believe that good design leads to great rewards.