A British singer, songwriter and producer with a unique image and show stopping personality.

A boutique facilities management provider in London and the South East.

An experience-led Indian kitchen, located in central Wokingham.

One of the UK’s leading dairy suppliers, delivering a range of dairy and non-dairy products nationwide.

e-Commerce site offering gap year travel support and solutions.

A global provider of subsea solutions that power and connect the world.

An authentic, Spanish Pinchos bar, serving delicious, small bites and drinks encouraging conversation.

International company with a passion for change – a smoke free future.

Client Fifteen 04

Global Talent Management Agency

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Logo Design
Creative Deck
Website Design
Website Development
Art Direction

Logo and branding creation for an exciting global talent management agency that needed to cement its place in a modern and fast-paced sector, in order to grow.

In the fast paced and ever changing world of the entertainment sector, Fifteen04 needed a logo and brand that could stand up to the best and cement their place in the industry. Although a fairly new business, the team behind the scenes have many years’ experience and had a very clear vision of how they saw the business moving forward.

The identity we created had to have a modern, digital feel to it and have the ability to integrate with the different departments of the business. As the business name itself would not be changing for each of these departments, we create a strong and recognisable abstract mark, made from an ‘F’ and ‘4’.

The logo mark can be used by itself, as a pattern, or to create interesting 3D monotone background patterns for multiple assets. Imagery stayed black and white and we layered it up in certain areas.

In order to help promote the business and attract new global partners, a creative deck was created for Fifteen04 showcasing their impressive stats and music artists they represent, including Sam Ryder. The team wanted this deck to have a digital feel to it. We kept the palette monotone and introduced colour in very small areas. We really pushed the layout on this and played with cut-off and broken up text and layering. The subtle patterns in the background look like they’re floating around.

Fifteen04 have been extremely pleased with the new logo and the direction the brand is heading. We have begun work on the website and are looking forward to where this exciting and dynamic company goes next.



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